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Brilliantly solving the wrong problems?
You strongly believe you are doing the right thing.  But what if you are not sharp enough about what you are trying to solve. If you have the slightest doubt, then this might be the moment to review your mission. The Impact Gardener will challenge you to dig deep and find the core social issue that your organisation is trying to solve. It might well be that you are perfectly on track. Or you find out that changing the course of your direction will make you an even more convincing player in your field.

Hugging your big hairy audacious goal
Is your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) expressed for example in the number of people you want to reach and have you defined by when you want to achieve this? If you cannot come up with this in a split second, you might want to sharpen and redefine your BHAG with us. It will help you align your (organisational) strategy and business development. Also, it will give clear directions about the team and the leadership you need, in order to get to where you want to go.

A business model with mileage?
Is your business model designed for success in the long run? Or will it be vulnerable to changes in the social, political or economic climate? The Impact Gardener will work with you on a business model that can ‘take the heat’ and stay on course, so it will do what it is set out to do in its particular field.

And there is more, think about the Sustainable Development Goals, how to measure impact and who will invest or fund your business?

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Are you leading from the heart?
With a love for people and our planet, no wonder most of the world’s social entrepreneurs lead from the heart. How does that work for you? With the help of The Impact Gardener you will balance head and heart, in order to take the right decisions and be sure that you have the right team to achieve your goals with.

Follow the money
It is often too late that social enterprises recognize the importance of cash. How financially viable is your enterprise? Are you living by the year, the month, the week or even the day? Are finances a source of constant worry? Together, we will develop new perspectives on investments, costs, burn rate and cash flow to build a financially sustainable business.

How unique are you?
How many entrepreneurs are active in your field and what makes you stand out in the crowd? If this is unclear or needs sharpening The Impact Gardener can look at branding, values, CRM and marketing. Finding your enterprise’s unique position amongst others will help you define markets and reach the right audiences, create more visibility and facilitate more targeted funding.

And there is more. Is your strategy sharp enough, does the organization structure supports your BHAG, the team well balanced? Is the IT infrastructure doing what it should do and crucially important; how is sales developing?

How we work