You obviously know what issues you are grappling with. But is this the real issue? By taking a 360-degree view on it, you can make sure the right topic is being addressed. We therefore advise our clients to start with a holistic scan. This scan – which takes between 4 hours and 2 days, depending on the complexity of your business – reviews all areas below, based on interviews with the team and available documents: annual plan, financials, etc.:


Mission; which social problem do you solve
BHAG; (big hairy audacious goal) for how many people do you prevent or resolve this problem and by when
SDG; to which of the 16 SDG’s do you contribute. Could be more than one
Business model; is it sustainable and inclusive
Finance; where does the money come from/funding model
Impact measurement; Theory of change


Strategy; does the strategy lead to the BHAG
The team/HR; is the team/leadership capable to achieve the BHAG
Cost, burn rate and cash flow; is it healthy and solid
Marketing, CRM, branding, values; how do you stand out from the crowd
Organisational model; does it support the BHAG and strategy
Technology/IT, is it supportive and scalable
Business development and sales

After the scan we present the results. This typically gives you immediate answers on questions like: are the different topics clear, at the right level? What needs attention? What needs improvement? Together, we set priorities and decide on the way forward.