For whom

Social Entrepreneur

You are a social entrepreneur with a strong desire to make this world a better place. You have harvested initial success and have planted the seeds to grow to the next phase in terms of people, numbers and impact. But doing this feels like a big challenge to you.

Impact fund or family office

You are looking for a social return on investment. Sometimes you wonder if you are best equipped in terms of knowledge and experience to support the companies in your portfolio to realize the impact your fund is aiming for.

Accelerator and scale-up programs

You run an accelerator or scale-up program and have enterprises in your portfolio that are ready for further growth and impact. To prepare them for future funding rounds, you need capacity to make these enterprises investment ready.

NGO’s transforming to social enterprise

You run an NGO or foundation and want to transform it into a social enterprise. Where do you start and how do you keep the balance between your social mission and a healthy business model?

How we work