Best place to establish your social enterprise?


The Impact Gardener believes that the world needs social enterprises that provide a product or service to make the world more equal, healthier or more joyful. The good news is that our government embraced the concept of a new legal entity; the BVm. This happened thanks to Social Enterprise NL, who worked hard over the last years to get it on the agenda and approved. Details have to be figured out and hopefully the implementation will be fast and smooth, but it will still take another 1 or 2 years.

A very interesting read is the report published by Thomson Reuters Foundation: “The best place to be a social entrepreneur 2019”. (They published one in 2016 as well). The Netherlands is ranking place 7, which is good compared to place 25 in 2016. They also zoomed in on women and how they experience being a social entrepreneur in the Netherlands. Position 13 versus 34 in 2016. What is interesting to learn is that it is easier to be a female social entrepreneur in Canada, Norway or Sweden. And this is also the case in UAE, Greece, Hong Kong and the Philippines (position 9 to 12). So, in The Netherlands we are doing well, but let’s aim for an even higher ranking next time, for both men and women. The BVm could be a valuable step to make that happen.